OUR MANTRA HAS ALWAYS BEEN THE SAME – To approach cannabis in a socially responsible manner, ensuring we’re providing our consumers with the best products, information and customer service to guide their cannabis experience.

We work hard to break the stigmas attached to cannabis. We strive to be knowledgeable and approachable, with a focus on expertise and quality.



Our aim is to be responsible stewards of cannabis in the community, fostering strong relationships and sharing knowledge; To give whenever we can, to support thriving communities, whether that is in-kind donations or simply working together to support a common goal. This engagement helps strengthen our ability to affect change, to address stigmas and to positively shape the landscape in a nascent industry.


Our team is diverse, inclusive and supportive. We recognize passion, expertise and a willingness to take on new challenges. We seek opportunities for growth to ensure we are always adapting to the needs of the sector and those we serve. We all play a role as ambassadors for this organization and share in a collective passion to build a community of support. Our culture is shaped by the diverse nature of our staff and solidified by a collective pursuit for greatness.


To elevate the standard means to deliver an unparalleled in-store experience through innovative services and unmatched expertise. It speaks to our drive – to take one step further, to keep progressing, to leverage every opportunity in order to realize the full potential in this dynamic industry.

“The team at 420PM are incredibly flexible, creative and passionate partners. Their understanding of the market, coupled with their innovative spirit makes them an ideal festival partner. Huge kudos to 420PM for adding to the fabric of our festival!” 


-Stephanie Mok, Resource Development Manager at Calgary Folk Fest

Our science centre was preparing an Adults Only Night for our visitors, centred on the science behind Cannabis. It was critical for us, as a science centre, to make sure we were partnering with a cannabis company that was professional, and who we could trust to deliver accurate, unbiased cannabis information to our visitors. Four20 brought all of this to the table. In large part due to Four20’s involvement, our event was a resounding success, leading to a sold-out night of 2000 visitors. 


– Nathan Huisman, Telus Spark

“The business landscape has never been more competitive and the difference between the winners and the losers is the degree to which they care about their people. The commitment and rigour the leadership of FOUR20 have shown in respect to building an inclusive and high functioning culture is nothing short of commendable and I am supremely confident it will be THE major factor that continues to contribute to their success. Innovators come and go, but those who turn their companies into places people care about stand the test of time, and I place FOUR20 solidly within that camp”.

-Shane Wallace, CEO of CultureSmith Inc.